Pushcam for iOS7
Created by
Rick Waalders

“”Record, edit and share videos of your favorite moments to the world on the go!

Pushcam is a stand-alone video recorder app for iOS7. You can record short videos (up to 30 seconds) with the well-known ‘press and hold to record’ mechanism. When you open the app you can start recording immediately. After recording a video you can optionally add an intro title with a font of your choice. Hold your phone in portrait mode to record square videos, hold it in landscape mode to record widescreen videos. You can share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, but also through e-mail, Whatsapp or any other platform using your own Pushcam link.

Pushcam was built to be fast and beautiful while remaining intuitive and easy to use. It was made for iOS7 from the ground up, taking advantage of Apple’s latest technologies. Download Pushcam for iOS7 now and broadcast videos to your world today!””