Saus is a Dutch creative communication studio that designs experiences for web, print, apps and everything in between.

Crafting a visual experience for a company that creates them for others is virtually impossible. It’s important that potential clients get a look and feel for your brand without emerging them into a personal style that may or may not fit their expectations. After all, good design is fitted around the target audience of the client, not a design trend.

With this in mind we created a website that has a unique flavor which is build around a conventional grid and navigation system. Visitors feel right at home in this app-like environment, the charm however is in the details. A balanced but variable layout paired with animated images and a divers portfolio brings the website to life.

We worked hard in perfecting all the technical assets of the website. Using custom and existing scripts we build a fully responsive and retina layout that scales beautifully in any mobile device. We didn’t want to exploit one specific technical effect or trend. All online experiences should feel intuitive and simple, that’s why this app-like environment is so important for us.

Saus means sauce in dutch. This is exactly how we see commercial design; design is the tastemaker of a company, the flavor that separates one from the other. We hope that we can keep creating this awesome sauce for years to come. We can’t wait what the web brings us next, all we now is that when it evolves, we’ll be there to push boundaries even further.