A compilation of my work while a student of Pittsburgh Technical Institute in Pittsburgh, PA.

Well, to start off, I am Ty Stelmach, a graphic design student based out of Pittsburgh, PA . After having only 2 HTML/CSS classes I fell in love with all things web design. I was even inspired enough to take up an extra class to learn javascript. My school has a graduating portfolio show where we showcase our work and website, I set out to build a site that could possibly rival that of a Web-Majors. Besides anything HTML / CSS, I have learned a lot of things through practice, trial and error. This is also my first ‘major’ web project where I have implemented responsive design.

Pittsburgh, PA is starting to become a new technology and design town, and I just want people to know about our city and the vast amount of styles, techniques, and endless knowledge coming from this powerhouse that is just waiting to be tapped.


Darrell Bruno
April 14, 2014 at 8:11 pm

Very clean design with good type and color treatments. It has effective navigation buttons that lead you easily through the site. Visual elements are quite effective.