21 January 2014
The Smiling Hippo

We are The Smiling Hippo
As long as the digital era continues to evolve, there is no such thing as “can’t be done”

“The Hippo first cracked a smile in 2005 with the creation of a small company that focused on small but challenging web projects. What made us different was that we never used ready-made systems or templates and we still don’t. We wanted to provide our clients with tailor-made solutions that completely met their needs and even though many times that involved long nights and little sleep, we loved it!”

The educational backgrounds of the company founders are in marketing and bioinformatics research, strange you might think, but so far they have helped us along, allowing us to creatively integrate those fields into our work. That’s what makes The Smiling Hippo so special, if you like, and pardon the cockiness. We’re always out on the look for things that have never been done before, using the tools at hand to create something different, applying existing methods to solve new problems, and always, always, growing. Our favorite projects are those that involve no predefined way of doing something.