03 June 2014 - WINNER OF THE DAY
Volta Footwear
Created by
Roberto Bruno

\”Launched europe-wide at the beginning of 2007, Volta is aimed at designing and marketing “instant classics”. Taking inspiration from the classics of footwear, the founders created and keep on developping a new, comfortable hybrid between the sneaker and a casual product, crafted to become part of the “everyday” outfit; along the needs of an updated, tasteful international audience. The first-born was a one-style, mid-cut shape called Classic.
The model instantly became a recognizable hit among the “independents”, being chosen from season-one by many international key-accounts. Since then, Volta collection grew in quality and range; always
focusing on keeping
Volta Classic, Volta Boot and the cross-training line STRD by Volta Footwear, make Volta a unique player; unisex and four-seasons, the shoeline is also recognizable thanks to its detail signature, the quilted ribbed collar on the heel-patch. Volta footwear is available in selected shops and department-stores worldwide.

Volta Footwear is designed and distributed by Twentyfourseven group (www.twentyfourseven.it), a Milan based Company. \”